Carolyn is an elite instructor.  She will change your body.  I’ve trained with Carolyn when I’ve been healthy and during times of illness and I have completely trusted her and felt safe every step of the way.  She is an expert.  Her hands-on adjustments are precise.  It’s almost as if she can see your body changing before it actually does.  Carolyn is passionate and positive and very generous with her time.  Her encouragement and support has helped me build strength and confidence with my body.  Leaving a training session with Carolyn is the happiest I have ever felt after a workout.  (I’m a yoga teacher, but a workout with Carolyn is so much better than yoga!!)

Lafayette, CA

I have been going to Carolyn for about 8 months now and I love it.  The one on one attention you get is amazing. I will admit it was weird at first, not because of her, the Pilates is different than anything I have tried before.  She was patient with my awkwardness and worked with me until it started to make sense.  I am feeling better and growing stronger every time I go. The equipment she has gives you a complete workout, better than any you can get in a gym and WAY better than any Pilates class in a studio.  My posture is better and I find my neck and shoulders do not hurt as much at the end of a long workday as they did before.  I love going and look forward to bringing friends in the future!

Concord, CA

I love Pilates By Carolyn!  She is a wonderful teacher and has the best equipment.  She is patient and positive.  I look forward to our workouts & wish I could go everyday!!!!

Alamo, CA

I love Pilates By Carolyn!!  Carolyn is awesome.  She has all of the Classical Pilates Equipment/Machines.  When I first started I had poor posture and my upper body was very weak.  Pilates has helped improve my posture and made me stronger.  Carolyn is and excellent Teacher/Trainer.  She is very patient and has a positive attitude.  She makes learning fun.  If you are looking for one on lessons that are reasonably priced, Pilates By Carolyn is the place to be.

Vallejo, CA

Carolyn is a wonderful instructor,  I am very new at Pilates and she really has eased me into it nicely.  She has a lot of background in Pilates and has a very professional approach to it.  Carolyn has an amazing attitude and is very encouraging which makes you want to succeed and do better.  A wonderful thing about her is that there is no lack of patience.  She is willing to go over things multiple times until it makes sense to your.  I couldn’t ask for a better teacher.  She is very inspiring!!  If you are looking for fun exercise and actual results, Carolyn is your answer!:)

Walnut Creek, CA

I have been going to Carolyn for about a year now.  I have had back surgery and was in pain again – Carolyn worked around my disabilities and made my core strong.  I no longer have pain in my back, or those nasty grinding noises.

A side benefit of note is that without losing any weight I dropped two pant sizes – my pants were falling off and I had to get new ones!  Everybody has noticed my new waist, even store attendants who I see regularly.  I feel great, lots of energy, all worth the price.  Thank you, Carolyn!

name withheld by request